Undercover Brother Sequel minus

Undercover Brother Sequel minus

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Undercover Brother Sequel

Good news, and bad. 2002’s low-key classic, “Undercover Brother” will live-on with a sequel according to a recent casting call in Atlanta, but ComedyHype.com reports its star Eddie Griffin will not appear in the film. This is tragic. The original film, a spoof of 1970’s Blaxploitation films was heavily bootlegged but still earned 41 million dollars at the box office, with production costs of 25 million it was considered a success. It’s Rotten Tomatoes score of 77% confirms its status as a fan favorite. 

Black Comedy Classic

The films sharp wit and covert digs at ‘the man’ provided great laughs and relatively clean comedy, a reboot could be great for comedy. With a cast including living legends like Billy Dee Williams, Dave Chappelle and its star Eddie Griffin, the film produced several memorable lines. Who can forget the hilarious, “for Black people of all races.” Or the funny/steamy scenes featuring ‘she-devil’ played by Denise Richards. I’ll never forget the mind-blowing moment when Undercover Brother reminding us of Babe Ruth’s blackness and Madonnas affinity for Black men, or learning why the NBA added a three-point line (to let White people score). . . . Okay, maybe that was a bit racist, but hell, the movie was a satire on race, and it was hilarious. A soon-t0-be famous comic once said, “all’s fair in war and laughter.” Undercover Brother proved that. We wonder if a Undercover Brother Sequel can compare to the original


The Broken B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D.

However. Who wants to see Conspiracy Brother, Sistah Girl and REPLACEMENT BROTHER? Seriously. Eddie Griffin made this movie, it won’t be the same without him. What comedy sequel replaced the star and succeeded? NONE. Well, one might consider the move from Wesley Snipes to Omar Epps in the “Major League” sequel. Neither were stars of the film but its the best comparison we could find, why, because its counter-productive to replace the star of a comedy. Great comedic actors are too hard to replace, especially comics who embody the lead role. Eddie Griffin IS undercover brother. He’s always made light of politics and racism, he’s always encouraged Black people to stand united, he’s Undercover Brother. A sequel without @EddieGriffinCom is like Corn Flakes without milk, or in this case, a she-devil without mayonnaise. This role should be intellectual property of Mister Edward Griffin, period.  Noone can improve or simulate his success as Undercover Brother, nobody. . . .well, maybe Richard Pryor, but then there’s that.

Def Comedy Jam Eddie Griffin

Perhaps Eddie Griffin declined the offer for personal reasons. Maybe the budget was too low, or the writing sucked, either way, this movie should be killed without Eddie Griffin. One must wonder tho’, which of you clowns will kill your career trying to replace a legend. . . .

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