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Urban Comedian Ty DavisTy Davis

Tyana Davis, professionally known as Ty Davis, is a Baltimore based stand up comedian. In addition to comedy, she’s a radio personality, writer, actress and voice over artist.

Ty’s bubbly personality makes her social butterfly who’s always enjoyed making people laugh. As a child she always tried to make people smile, she took that goal to the next level in 2014, when she began her comedy career.

As Ty continues to gain popularity and master her craft, she’s had the opportunity to share stand-up stages with some of America’s favorite comics. The comedy bombshell has been known to open for Benji Brown and others.  Ms. Davis frequently performs and hosts at The Baltimore Comedy Factory.

Ty has also performed with America’s best comedians at The Arena Players.  The Arena Players are one of the oldest African-American theater groups in America.  Ty is also the star of several sketch comedies (check out her youtube, its dope!).

In addition to comedy, Ty hosts The Morning After Show on DTLR Radio Monday through Friday 11am-2pm ET, she’s also the creative content writer for the stations website.

Ty recently won the 2019 HBO Comedy Wings competition at the American Black Film Festival. Look out for this lady, she’s talented, beautiful and heading to a television near you really soon.

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