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A group of US comedians lost it with a British audience member who appeared completely unimpressed by their stand up performances. Check it out:
One comedian in particular named Akaash Singh went off on a raging rant about the Brit, eventually launching into a tirade about the Queen.
The clip, which has been viewed more than 8.7 million times, cuts between the altercation and behind the scenes footage as Singh complains about the man to the other performers.
One of the comedians says, “He didn’t even look at me,” before the video cuts to the Brit sat in his chair and looking down at the floor.
Another performer decides to target the disinterested crowd member, saying, “You look like you read a lot of books,” only to be met with the cutting response: “Yeah, I wish I was reading one right now.”
Although the comedian kept his cool, the same couldn’t be said for Singh, who started off his interaction by asking the guy’s date how they met.
He then jokes that the south of the US is ‘more open minded than you think’ in reference to the fact that the dates are both men, before telling the Brit: “Don’t be so nervous.”
Once again he gives a cutting reply, telling Singh: “Oh, I’m not nervous.”
Although the stand up attempts to power through his set, he gets distracted once more when he sees the audience member playing with his hands.
Forty five minutes in, Singh admits he ‘just lost it’, saying: “Guy thinks he’s funnier than me, f***ing Brits dude.”
Looking like he’s on the verge of crying, the comedian then shouts, “I’m so glad that b***h died, so glad that b***h died,” about the Queen.
“F*** that b***h,” he adds, before saying ‘ha!’ and pointing to the Brit in a bid to tick him off, but once again he just shrugs and looks completely unbothered by everything he’s saying.
This only seems to p*ss him off more, and he continues his tirade about the Queen before mimicking an English accent and suggesting the crowd member would rather be watching Mr Bean.
Singh then tells the crowd, “I swear to god I used to tell people I want to move to London… yeah, I changed my mind just now.”
Although the comedian claimed it was ‘fun’ to lay into the Brit and that he ‘deserved it’, hundreds of people have backed the audience member for getting under Singh’s skin without doing anything at all.
“W for the heckler… he got to you man,” wrote one, while another said, “The British man definitely won.”
A third added: “Only comedy that happened here is the fact that he managed to get on everyone’s nerves by doing and saying nothing pahahahaha.”
A fourth chimed in: “American dude looked like he was going to cry ngl.”
Not everyone thought Singh lost the battle, however, including this person who said: “I bet they didn’t have a second date.”
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@akaashsinghcomedy
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