Vanyaland Exclusive: Neal Brennan pieces together new special 'Blocks' – Vanyaland

Vanyaland Exclusive: Neal Brennan pieces together new special 'Blocks' – Vanyaland

With every new hour of comedy, Neal Brennan has brought us on an adventure into the mind of a comedy mastermind who is still trying to figure it all out. With his latest project, he continues his own journey as he points inward and quite literally tries to put the pieces of what makes him tick together.
In a Vanyaland exclusive, Brennan’s latest one-man show Blocks, which arrives at Netflix on November 8, shows the longtime comedy virtuoso further shaking up the stand-up format as he implements visual aides on stage to pick apart the aspects of his life, both personally and culturally, that make him feel as if there’s something wrong with him. Filmed at The Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, the longtime Dave Chappelle collaborator tackles a myriad of issues and aspects in his life that have him searching, especially when it comes to topics like relationships — or more specifically, that of which with his dog Keith — drugs and alcohol, liberalism, and what he feels are his slim chances of finding everlasting love.
It’s not a new direction for the critically-acclaimed, award-winning writer and comedian to come at us with blunt honesty and vulnerability, but as he gives the audience another hilarious look directly into his psyche, Brennan has somehow found a new way to shuffle things up and add a new element of presentation to the art form.
Check out the trailer below.


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