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Review of Wanda Sykes “Not Normal”


Wanda Sykes Netflix special is “Not Normal”

Wanda Sykes isn’t shy about what “Not Normal” is all about. Hardly three minutes into her first Netflix special she applies the expression to the disarray and subjective disharmony that’s become known as the Donald Trump administration. She really pines on how he affects the whole of America, especially African Americans. “He has cracked Black” she notes, culling normalcy from the age-old adage, “Black don’t crack.”

In addition to her usual take on politics and world affairs, Wanda Sykes also talks about being hitched to a French lady, having two white youngsters, and managing the maniacal realities of menopause. Its vintage Wanda Sykes and its worth watching. You know what we mean when we say ‘vintage’ Wanda Sykes. Its the kind of funny that taps you on the shoulder and cracks you up. Like ‘Biggie-Shorty’ in “Pootie Tang” (such an under-rated flick), or Dr. Karl in “Bad Moms,” you expect funny, but it still sneaks up on you and body-slams you with subtle-cleverness.

A Comedy ‘win’ for female comics

While Netflix has served a few comedy specials from Black men, Sykes’ “Not Normal” is the first from a Black woman. After Mo’Nique blasted Netflix for low-balling her, who uncovered a figure even lower than Mo’Nique. As a result, she took her 2016 uncommon to Epix, yet at a Variety occasion in April, Sykes said she completed a deal after Netflix offered pay commensurate to her worth. “They moved that comma” she jokingly notes. Now she’s an executive producer for Tiffany Haddish’s and her forthcoming Netflix series, aptly titled “They Ready.” The show aims to highlight six entertainers handpicked by Haddish. It shows how far Netflix has come and how important Mo’Nique’s verbal stance was for legions of female comics.

Sykes also delves into the pop-culture scene and attempts to unwind the psychological cacophony around shows like ‘The Bachelor’, which she says is inconsistent with ‘#MeToo’ and ‘#Time’sUp.’ “It makes women look moronic.”

Personal and Political Comedy

Wanda Sykes also shares the experiences of aging women; bulging guts, jaw hairs, and having hot flashes. “On the off chance that a man had two hot flashes, they would explode the sun,” she jokes. While this portion was ‘funny’, age-based comedy has become status-quo for veteran comics these days and its getting old (see what we did there).

Wanda Sykes is “Not Normal”

In “Not Normal” Sykes reminds us of her stage presence that makes viewers pivot and focus. When she gets past the Trump stuff, “Not Normal” truly exceeds expectations and becomes exactly what we expect from Wanda Sykes, comedic takes on life’s abnormalities. She makes us wonder why we’ve come to accept crazy realities, and mundane comedy. Wanda Sykes is “Not Normal,” and we’re happy about it. Watch “Not Normal,” it’s funny as hell.



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