Wanda Sykes Says Yes To Netflix

Wanda Sykes Says Yes To Netflix

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Comedienne Wanda Sykes Says Yes To Netflix after criticizing the service about racism and sexism.

Netflix continues its quest to dominate the world of stand-up comedy, this time it signs veteran comic Wanda Sykes to a one-hours special to air in 2019. This will be Sykes’ fourth hour-long special and we can’t wait. Yeah we know, that voice can be a bit irritating after awhile, but she’s funny as hell.

Comedy Needs Wanda Sykes

Clever comedy is in decline, the world needs a Wanda Sykes special. In this era of social-medians (we learned this term last weekend, thanks Keysha E),  truly thought-provoking comedy has become taboo. Some “comics” would rather wipe their hindparts on stage (yes, that really happened) than sit down and write a joke, especially one that’s well constructed. Sure we have political comedy, but how hard is a ‘Trump joke?’ We’re ready for a comedian with real politico chops, Wanda Sykes is that comic. Wanda will go beyond the basics and deliver insight along the funny.  She’ll expose the shadiness of Washington and bring us common-folk up to speed on the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement. We need that.

Netflix Drama

This signing is well-deserved but unexpected, early this year Wanda Syke’s was among the comics urging a boycott of Netflix. When Mo’Nique tweeted about her low-ball Netflix offer, Sykes to reply; “Netflix offered me less than half of your $500k. I was offended but found another home. #EPIX.”

Details of the deal haven’t been released but we hope she’s getting more than Schumer (sneak-diss to joke thieves). We’re also glad passed another Epix deal, though her 2016 ‘What Happened…Ms. Sykes?’ was well received, Netflix has become the gold standard of stand-up. A Queen deserves gold (we know, but she should’ve been).

Wanda Sykes is a Comedy Legend

This is the part of an article where we’re supposed to talk about Wanda’s credits and accolades, but our readers already know her work. No need to mention “Pootie Tang” (Comedy Genius btw), or Blak-ish, or Ice Age, or the many other programs she’s written, voiced or starred in. That’s what IMDb is for. Instead, we’ll end with a Wanda Sykes promise, “Some of the best comedy happens when the Republicans are in charge, so I’m looking forward to the new Republicans getting to Washington … you know there’s going to be some crazy talk. It’s going to be genius.”

We’re sure it will be Wanda, and we can’t wait for your special next year.


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