Watch: Stand-Up Comedian Fails To Draw Laughs From Malta's Got Talent Judges With Baking And Pastizzi Act – Lovin Malta


A stand-up comedian who identified himself as Guzi failed to amuse the Malta’s Got Talent judges with his audition last night.
Guzi, showed up on stage dressed in a costume, complete with a wig and a fake moustache.
When asked where he’s from, he jokingly replied that he is “I am half-Maltese, and half-English’’, described himself as a baker and said he will talk about his passion for baking and pastizzi.
However, his act didn’t go as planned, with the judges confused by his stand-up and not understanding the direction he wanted to take it.

At one point, he made an inappropriate joke about women’s breasts – “this summer to make more money for my Sosa’s boob job’’ – after which judges Sarah Zerafa and Valentina Rossi immediately pressed their buzzers in disapproval.
Fellow judges Ray Attard and Gordon Bonello were not impressed either and soon pressed their buzzers too.
He got heaps of criticism from the judges, who said his timing was completely off and that his comedy had no direction.
”You lost me quite a few times, couldn’t grasp what you were trying to explain… you started off many stories, and almost got lost in them, no coherency,” Ray Attard said.
”I have to say no, but if you enjoy this spirit, that of ‘Guzi’, go ahead and enjoy it at home,” Valentina Rossi continued.
When questioned by Sarah Zerafa about the insensitive as well as incorrect joke he made towards her, he said it was a mistake, and that it was not right of him.
Sarah, however, did not take offence to it; she said she just shocked and confused.
In the end, he heartbreakingly got a no from all the judges! Guzi will live on in our minds, and although this was not his best moment, we wish him the very best!
What do you think of Guzi’s audition? Do you think his whole act was deliberate?
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