When Is a Joke “Too Soon”? — Comedians Discuss on Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #132 – Open Culture

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To honor the death of Gilbert Gottfried, Pretty Much Pop addresses jokes like the 9-11 one he was pilloried for. Can comedy really be “too soon” in relation to tragic subject matter? Is comedy really tragedy plus time, or are jokes most needed immediately when pain and discomfort are most acute?
Your host Mark Linsemayer is joined by three comedians: Adam Sank (of the LGBTQ-themed Adam Sank Show), Twitch-streaming songster Meri Amber, and returning guest Daniel Lobell (graphic novelist and podcaster). We get into tailoring jokes for an audience, coping with grief, and of course some talk about triggering, hyper-sensitive audiences, and cancellation (Chapelle, anyone?).
Watch Gottfried’s infamous joke yourself:

A few perspectives we may have reviewed before talking:
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So maybe instead of the “Maccabees,” my Bible camp’s Polish jokes instead made the “Canaanites” the butt of their humor. (Unless that actually again refers some modern, extant people…)
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In the Netherlands comedian Arjen Lubach (known for his “Netherlands Second”-video) had a topic on ‘Today cameras are everywhere’. “There is even a channel, BBC Extra Plus, with a live report from the inside out.”
From minute 07:00 on.

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