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Comedian Maryka has been in the news because she recently alleged that Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine did flirtatious talks with her on Instagram
It appears that Adam Levine’s problems won’t soon be resolved. A day after Instagram model Sumner Stroh said the lead singer of Maroon 5 had sent her flirty messages, three other women have come forward to make the same claim in their own unique narratives.
Another Instagram model by the name MaryKa has revealed her own flirty text with married man #AdamLevine.👀 pic.twitter.com/umyqoN2wCO
— Pop Faction (@PopFactions) September 21, 2022

#Maroon5 singer #AdamLevine has been caught flirting with lots of women on #Instagram.
Starting from model Sumner Stroh who came forward first, followed by influencer Alyson Rosef and Maryka, and even his own yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel. #exposeadamlevinehttps://t.co/UQbgX0kA4C pic.twitter.com/Acs3S8xTkt
— Eyerys (@eyeryscompany) September 22, 2022

The funniest thing I’ve ever made and I’d course it has to be about Adam Levine pic.twitter.com/IFKSMm0jMa
— Steven Neaves (@neaves_steven) September 22, 2022

never asking adam levine to review my essays again pic.twitter.com/ImU13Er2Pp
— Hurt CoPain (@SaeedDiCaprio) September 21, 2022

Adam Levine had previously denied having an affair with Stroh. But now after Stroh, the comedian Maryka said that the musician had been flirting with her.
The lady posted a screenshot of the purported discussion with the vocalist of Payphone that was received from Adam Levine’s official Instagram account.
It all happened when Adam Levine has already married to well-known model Behati Prinsloo and they are currently expecting their 3rd child. Surely, it sounds so disastrous for anyone. That’s why this whole fiasco has become a huge topic of debate on various social media platforms.
Many people are also trying to learn more about Maryka and what she alleges. So, here’s what we know about her and what she said:
Maryka is a comedian who has been in the news because she recently alleged that Maroon star singer Adam Levine did flirtatious talks with her.
She is a citizen of the USA. According to some reports, she is currently 20 years old.
Apart from being a comedian, she is a tattoo enthusiast and that’s why she has lots of tattoos on her body. She is also a social media influencer, which is why she occasionally promotes various brands on her social media accounts. She also has a large following on those social media platforms.
A comedian by the name of Maryka said that Adam Levine had been flirting with her in a series of Instagram stories.
According to the Daily Mail, during one alleged discussion, the singer allegedly said, “I’m now obsessed with you,” to which Maryka allegedly responded, “Dude aren’t you like married lol.” While acknowledging it, Levine stated, “It’s a bit complicated.”
Maryka shared how Adam Levine sent her a private video selfie and complimented her curvy shape, with the hashtag “#ExposeAdamLevine.” The musician urges her to “distract yourself by f**king with me” in one conversation. providing a video of him afterward confessing, “I’m stupid.”
Influencer Dana Omari said in another chat that he had complimented comedian Maryka on her “hourglass figure,” stating, “Holy f**king f**k. That body of yours is absurd.”
Levine added, “I may need to see the booty,” and “Watching your a** jiggle on that table will permanently scar me but otherwise I’m amazing,” to the chat. He continues, “I’d do anything for it. I’d buy it a steak dinner and whisper sweet nothings into it. I wanna tattoo my a** now.”
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