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Comedian, writer, radio host, dancer with the stars; Eli Matthewson is a man of many talents. He’s toured his unique style of comedy around New Zealand – and the world. These days, when he’s not on stage, he’s up early every morning as a breakfast host on The Edge.
Here are some of his favourite things…
I ripped through Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age over summer, the ending is truly spectacular, and Bad Blood, about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes is a wild ride. You Feel It Just Below The Ribs is a great novel for fans of post-apocalyptic sci-fi – it also just so happens to be written by my sister, but I have no bias…
It’s the pulled noodles from Xi’an Food Bar that have truly ruled my life this year. Any night we are too lazy to cook this will be the first suggestion my boyfriend or I will make. Ramen Takara in Ponsonby, Auckland, is also a big hit during winter, and for weekend brunch nothing beats the eggplant parma sandwiches from Hare and Turtle – you gotta get there early though or they run out of doughnuts!
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Dissect is an incredible podcast that takes albums and each episode unpacks a different track. They’ve done Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Beyonce, and they go further in depth on the music than I would have even thought possible. Song Exploder does a similar thing, but instead of a host each episode the artist themselves take you through the creation of the song.
Never Too Much by Luther Vandross has had constant spins for me this year, has there been a sexier song ever? Also definitely making appearances on my Spotify Wrapped this year will be That’s Life by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Silence is Golden by The Beths and the entire Beyonce Renaissance album.
Pen15 is one of the most outrageously funny shows I have ever seen, and I can’t think of any other show that has made me laugh that hard recently. To see two 30-year-old women playing themselves at 13, surrounded by actual 13-year-olds…. It never stops being funny.
I’m also addicted to Taskmaster NZ and will drop everything when the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race comes out.
Everything Everywhere All At Once is easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. The performances, the fight scenes, the costumes and the practical special effects are all pretty dazzling, and the way it deals with the multi-verse makes those recent Marvel films look like amateurs.
I just went to Madrid for the first time and saw Picasso’s Guernica, which truly blew my mind – I could have spent hours in that room. They also have a tonne of the sketches and smaller paintings he did as he worked up to the full piece, which were wild to look at.
I recently stocked up on Sybs candles – they’re made by an amazing queer candlemaker in Auckland. The toasted marshmallow is a favourite.
Can’t go past Omaha beach for boogie boarding in summer or for walking your dog (I don’t have one yet, but I’m an aspiring dog owner) in winter. I also have a huge affinity for Hanmer Springs in the South Island – partly from childhood nostalgia and partly because it has everything you need for a romantic escape.
Make some filter coffee in the Moccamaster, put an old vinyl on and plop myself in an armchair by the window to read my book in the sun. Usually followed by a game of chess or azul with my boyfriend, which I will likely lose and then get way too mad about.
Hard to go past my boyfriend Sam… I’m addicted, sorry! Beyonce, Kristen Wiig, and Patti Harrison are all close runners up.
I often get nostalgic for my first job out of uni, which was hosting music TV on U-Live with a bunch of dear friends including Matt Gibb, Rose Matafeo, Tim Lambourne, Guy Montgomery, Connor Nestor and Kirsteen McKenzie.
We were largely unsupervised, broadcasting from the foyer of TVNZ with a lot of free rein to try whatever we wanted. We got to do some pretty wild stuff, some of which I’m honestly glad there is no remaining footage of.
Eli Matthewson performs at the Best Foods Comedy Gala on 30 September in Wellington and also performs show Daddy Short-Legs on 28 October as part of the Nelson Arts Festival.
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