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Put Seventeen in a room together, and their personalities fly. Although they have different personalities, they all know how to make us laugh every week. One of the members whose humor is overlooked is Woozi. Due to his many talents musically, we sometimes fail to speak about the personality he shows us every week. Here are our favorite moments that prove Woozi is a natural-born comedian.
In the Going Seventeen Episode, The Tag, the members were split up into teams and had to find keys to escape the haunted house. The residents of the haunted house had the chance to capture the members before they find the keys to escape. Woozi was split up into a team with Vernon, Dino, and Jun. The 4 boys were chased down by a clown similar to Pennywise and locked themselves into a room after the doorknob fell off. Woozi took this time to live out his movie fantasy and threw his entire body into the door assuming it would magically open and let them out. As soon as his body hit the door, reality hit him as well as he and the members decided that movies are just movies. Everything about this moment was comedian gold, from his instant reaction to the member’s reactions, we love this moment.

Pigeon Debate

One of Seventeen’s first debate nights held topics that were so random that only Seventeen could make it entertaining. One of the debate topics is to live with a pigeon for a year or live as a pigeon with your human memory intact. Wild topic, we know. Woozi was a part of the team who had to debate why living with a pigeon is better. Feeding off of the names Coo Coo, Ki-Ki, and Ca-Ca that Jeonghan mentioned earlier, Woozi’s defense was about building a community of pigeons with names spilling out of his head like Mi-Mi, Mu-Mu, and Ma-Ma. The pigeon names kept coming, and the laughs wouldn’t stop. We were pretty persuaded by his defense.
For Seventeen’s 5th anniversary, they decided to watch old music videos together and reminisce about them. Sounds cute and wholesome. Well, they watched the video dressed as each other; this video is a classic chaotic Seventeen video. Woozi was Dino for the anniversary. He carried a razor and aggressively shaved his nonexistent facial hair every chance he got. The joke comes from the Going Seventeen episode, Insomnia Zero, where the members are joking about Dino coming home from a night out and then randomly starting to shave his face. He even returned the razor to Dino after he explained that he didn’t even use the razor. The timing of his jokes was hilarious and some of the funniest moments in this video. This joke has been a running gag with Woozi always being the one to metaphorically shave his face to poke fun at his maknae.

Dr. Strange

If you’re a carat, you would know about Woozi’s profound love for Marvel. During the Going Seventeen episode titled Runner-Up Sports Day, a handful of the members fought for second place in different activities to be the ultimate runner-up. The idea is hilarious, and Woozi’s Marvel fanboy antics were the cherry on top. During games, Woozi became Dr.Strange and used his “powers” to control the members, who played along perfectly. The combination of the member’s compliance, editing, and Woozi’s enthusiasm set this up for one of the funniest running gags in the episode.

Chi Woozi

This moment is one of our favorites. Seventeen held a talent show called Seventeen’s got Talent; The members showed off their bizarre talents; some were robots, some were magicians, and Woozi came to promote his cleaning business. From the start of his audition, he gave the judges hand sanitizer, not as a gift, but to clean themselves before spraying them with water. He continues to spray this water, claiming that all he wants to do is clean, and when asked for any last words, he has none. It’s the deadpan humor that got us. The members couldn’t stop laughing, and neither could we! We need to see more of Chi Woozi in the future!

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