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Megan Rapinoe, a star for the USWNT, has repeatedly demonstrated her leadership abilities. Megan is counted in the list of the top women’s soccer players in America. In 2019, she won the World Cup along with the golden boots.
She also added a golden achievement by winning the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” from President Joe Biden. However, from time to time, her outspoken personality has caused her to face troubles and backlashes. She received one such comment from an American comedian. 
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Comedian, Leslie Jonas, shared a video of Megan where she was giving a mini-speech after winning. The speech was covered by FOX, where firstly, Jonas pointed out the age she stated in the speech. “I’m 51; 34 ain’t sh*t.” Leslie sounded aggressive or frustrated by her voice. 
She then pointed out the caption on the video, which reads the “oldest player.” Following that, she said, “What the f*ck is wrong with us?” Leslie again criticized Megan and stated, “This girl just won, like, her second World Cup, and that’s what y’all can put under the caption?” She also added, “Would they do that to a man?”
Well I took it in a positive way, in that even the 'older' athletes can still compete at a very high level. As I myself get into middle age, I like having role models like this.
GF Sue Bird has a positive influence on her eating habits.. to 'stay young' and in world class shape.
— Celine Phan (@CelinePhan16) July 7, 2019

Apart from all the negative comments, there was one positive comment. The user commented, “Well, I took it positively, in that even the ‘older’ athletes can still compete at a very high level. As I myself get into middle age, I like having role models like this. GF Sue Bird has a positive influence on her eating habits.. to ‘stay young’ and in world-class shape.”
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23 days ago
Megan has been steadfast in her pursuit to eradicate social ills, including gender inequality. She has participated in various campaigns which promoted gender equality. Also, with her outstanding personality, Rapinoe has encouraged many players to take a stand for themselves.
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Megan receives a lot of accolades for her outstanding on-field efforts. The famous athlete has received some criticism for her ardent advocacy for equality. However, she knows how to ignore them. Each time the legendary soccer player has taken a stand for herself. Remember the time when Rapinoe sat on her knees to protest against police brutality and racial discrimination? At that time USWNT star knew the level of criticism she was about to face. Still, this didn’t stop her from protesting. 
Meanwhile, when the world questions her regarding her patriotism, Rapinoe calmly states that she is a true American when it comes to the national anthem, songs and patriotism.
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Megan’s courage can be described with just one quote by former President Harry S. Truman: “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”
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